Slice Of Old Sac

The Only Thing We’re Serious About Is Food.


Dainty dishes have been cooking in our kitchens to serve palates with an eclectic range of flavors that stem from various cuisines.


No one can find a good enough reason not to sink their teeth into some quality tender meat and cheesy bread on a fine sunny day. We are the right destination for you.


Chiceken Lasgna


Discern the tastes of spinach, cheese, and chicken as the combination sticks to the palate for a memorable meal.

italian pasta


The classic flavors of Italy blend into one dish that swirls into your tummy as a perfect concoction of meat and cheese.



Munch onto the potato fries for the salty effect, and feel the meat and sauces giving a touch of royalty to it with the sausage rolls.



Black pasta

Have a taste of the pasta with its black hue imparted from the squid ink that makes for a perfect meal.


Strawberry Waffle

Sink your spoon into the waffle through the whipped cream and escape into the delectable world of strawberries.


Avocado and Egg Toast

Explore the two distinct tastes of eggs and avocados that combine to make paradise with the toast's crunchy enhancements.


Blueberry pie

Soak your taste buds in the encrusted blueberry filling that oozes out to burst out into a feast of multiple flavors.



Mutton Chops

Experience the spices flowing down your palate as the meat falls off the bone into your heavenly combination of bread and salads.


Chicken Macaroon

Fill your platter with colors with the macaroons that sandwich the minced meat and your favorite sauces.


Fiery Grill Kebabs

The glazy meat brushed in teriyaki sauce tosses over into your plate to give you the best meal by setting your eyes ablaze in amazement.


Beef Pancakes

Get it for your kids and melt together into the creamy world created by the beef rolls that come with soy sauces.



Love for their menu has only been shooting up with every meal I take, and I am totally in awe.

Michael L. Parker

A day's stresses are brought down with the smiles those pies and pancakes put on our faces.

Kylee E. Hutchins

Being finicky about food has given me a hard time, but with their offerings, I honestly have no complaints but only praises.

Robert E. Cummins



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Mobile Advertisment For Your Food Truck


Our love of food and wanting to share our recipes with all have led us to the decision to look into incorporating a food truck into our restaurant concept. Upon doing our due diligence we found that the food truck industry is very lucrative and is continuously growing. But in order to stay afloat in the mobile food industry not only does your food have to be delicious your truck also needs to stand out from the rest to catch potential customers’ attention.

Food trucks are one of the best mobile advertising tools and should aim to communicate a bright/modern design that communicates your company’s values and purpose. So how exactly can you accomplish this? Wrap Works, a California-based vehicle wrap company worked with us to incorporate all the above and more with our food truck design. Offering full and partial vehicle wraps and custom graphics services, we were able to work with one of their vehicle wrap experts and create the design of our dream all while helping to brand A Slice of Old Sac mobile.

A vehicle wrap offers one of the best ROI’s when it comes to marketing/advertising. And while full wraps tend to offer more in terms of room for design elements and visibility from all sides, partial wraps are also great and are a bit easier on the budget. You can choose from ¼ vehicle wrap to ¾ of a wrap and is a great option if looking for more of temporary use. When customizing your own graphics you are able to choose, color, style, texture, logo, contact, and graphic placement.

Should you see our food truck roaming the streets of California don’t hesitate to stop us for some great food or simply wave to say hi! Our food truck is a little slice of heaven to us and we had so much fun working on the design. We hope to make a great 1st impression and expand our audience even further with our new mobile billboard. And because a vehicle wrap adds extra protection to the original factory paint your reserve more re-sale value in it as well!


Pancakes, Flapjacks & Crepes…

What is the difference between pancakes, crepes, and flapjacks? While all three of these delicious foods are relatively from the same family they are still different in their own right. With pancakes and flapjacks being the most similar, crepes are on their own and often don’t get the credit they are due!

Pancakes are believed to be American with the first pancake recipe dating back to a 1700’s cookbook. They are generally served stacked upon one another and have a slight height and bit of fluff to them

Flapjacks are very often confused for the same thing as pancakes, but flapjacks are a bit puffier and a bit smaller than a traditional pancake.

Crepes are of French descent and are often referred to as “paper-thin” cakes. When making crepes the crepe is to cover the entire base of the pan and are served with either a sweet or savory filling in them. While you can add things like bananas and chocolate chips to pancakes or even flapjacks, the possibility of filling for a crepe is virtually endless. 

In 1935 Vogue magazine wasn’t the biggest fan of pancakes and told their readers that “ pancakes are frankly difficult and not worth eating unless they are of paper thinness and succulent tenderness”. Sounds like what someone really had in mind was a crepe and not a pancake!

Whether you choose to enjoy pancakes, flapjacks, or crepes, the great thing about all of these is that you can customize them by adding some of your own ingredients and making them as delicious as you wish!


11 Exciting Pizza Flavors You Have To Try


Pizzas are the most delicious things that you can have in a day. Even though there are different pizza’s, every time that you make it is awesome. The way different people prepare it is what makes the difference, and the moment you have it, the new taste adds to the old liking.

Thai Peanut Naan Pizzas:

You don’t always get the Thai food, but with Thai Peanut Naan pizza, you will get to taste the Thai taste. You simply top the Naan bread with a ginger-peanut sauce, veggies, cilantro a sprinkle will do, and a spicy squiggle of Sriracha.

Creole Shrimp Pizza:

Creole Shrimp tastes blend with the Pizza taste. Once you have it, you will want to have it again. It needs a crispy crust, and add the hot sauce to add more taste to the dish.

Creole Shrimp Pizza

Deep-Dish Sausage Pizza:

This wonderful pizza if you get it hot from the oven is one of the tastiest. You can get the dish online that will tempt your taste buds. It is covered with cheese and has different kinds of herbs in it. The best recipe for the family if they are in for a tasty meal.

Lehmejun (Armenian Pizza):

Armenian Pizza Lehmejun is good pizza. Not every day you will get to taste a different cuisine, and when it comes to this pizza, you can make it in a hurry. It doesn’t require much, and anyone can make it. Make sure that you have all that you need.

Lehmejun (Armenian Pizza)

Mama Rachel’s Mediterranean Pizza:

This pizza is like art. You have to put in a lot of effort to make it. Don’t skip anything if you want the meal to be tasty. This will give you a taste of the Mediterranean cuisine preserving the style of a pizza.

Taco Pizza Squares:

What can be best than the Taco-pizza, and the moment you mention it, everybody will like to have a bite. You simply top the pizza dough with taco meat, tomatoes, and cheese. You can make the pizza in less than an hour, and enjoy the best meal in your home.

Italian-Style Pizzas:

The recipe comes in two, and what better can it get than the quality and the name itself. You have the pesto and pizza crusts that make the pizza a lovable affair.

Italian-Style Pizzas

California Chicken Club Pizza:

This has been inspired by California Club Pizza but has a different twist. You add fresh veggies, which makes it even better, and if you are health conscious, this is also best for you.

Quick Hawaiian Pizza:

This is one of the best pizzas that you can make. The ratio of the spices is up to you. Apart from other things, you mix some barbeque sauce into spaghetti sauce. This adds sweetness to the pizzas.

Santa Fe Chicken Pizza Pie:

Top the item with black beans, green chilies, and chicken strips when you spread the taco sauce. It is the most southwest you can go to a pizza.

Santa Fe Chicken Pizza Pie

Turkey Gyro Pizza:

This veggie pizza is a must to try. It has a topping that resembles a Greek salad that gives us an idea of the Mediterranean.


There are a lot of Pizza flavours in the world, and the best part is that you can make them at home. All you need are the ingredients.

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