Mobile Advertisment For Your Food Truck


Our love of food and wanting to share our recipes with all have led us to the decision to look into incorporating a food truck into our restaurant concept. Upon doing our due diligence we found that the food truck industry is very lucrative and is continuously growing. But in order to stay afloat in the mobile food industry not only does your food have to be delicious your truck also needs to stand out from the rest to catch potential customers’ attention.

Food trucks are one of the best mobile advertising tools and should aim to communicate a bright/modern design that communicates your company’s values and purpose. So how exactly can you accomplish this? Wrap Works, a California-based vehicle wrap company worked with us to incorporate all the above and more with our food truck design. Offering full and partial vehicle wraps and custom graphics services, we were able to work with one of their vehicle wrap experts and create the design of our dream all while helping to brand A Slice of Old Sac mobile.

A vehicle wrap offers one of the best ROI’s when it comes to marketing/advertising. And while full wraps tend to offer more in terms of room for design elements and visibility from all sides, partial wraps are also great and are a bit easier on the budget. You can choose from ¼ vehicle wrap to ¾ of a wrap and is a great option if looking for more of temporary use. When customizing your own graphics you are able to choose, color, style, texture, logo, contact, and graphic placement.

Should you see our food truck roaming the streets of California don’t hesitate to stop us for some great food or simply wave to say hi! Our food truck is a little slice of heaven to us and we had so much fun working on the design. We hope to make a great 1st impression and expand our audience even further with our new mobile billboard. And because a vehicle wrap adds extra protection to the original factory paint your reserve more re-sale value in it as well!


Mobile Advertisment For Your Food Truck
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